About ArcoNode

We’re a product design company based in Cornwall and also run a small manufacturing business – Big Cushion.

We started the spherical house project in 2009, preparing four scale models, one as proof-of-concept, the others to see how the finished home might look. One of these was an accurately scaled architectural model prepared on Rhino, a 3D modelling software, by a Falmouth company, Meshcanics, and then built in 2015 with nearly 200 pieces using a 3D-printer and laser cutting at Falmouth Universities’ Fablab.

We had media interest in this project: about 25 online companies covered the project, including MSN News, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Inhabitat and BoingBoing.

We have recently relaunched this project as The ArcoNode Project (formerly The Ekinoid Project). We are pursuing grant funding in relation to: involving a structural/materials engineer, an architect and a university, to establish the most suitable materials, best manufacturing processes, an accurate Bill of Materials, patenting opportunities and a research program; also to give clear market intelligence and to identify any potential planning and environmental issues likely to be encountered in the UK.

Once these things have been established it is our intention to then seek further funding in order to produce a full-size working prototype.